Time is valuable.

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USP takes care of your time.

You may dream that it is no longer necessary to chase suppliers and colleagues to gather the necessary evidence for your next audit.
Or assume that you don’t have to make dozens of reminders to the people in charge of document approval.
Just think if policies and procedures were automatically updated once approved. Imagine being able to demonstrate that your security projects actually reduce risks when they are still just an idea.

Now you can. Keep on reading to find out how.

The solution is here: a modular suite, especially designed for governance and management of information security management systems. In line with the logic of the main industry standards, like the ISO 27000 series, it aims to provide security managers with a tool capable of recovering effectiveness and efficiency, while allowing them to justify investments and maximise their results. 

These goals are
within reach.

Significant reduction of internal efforts for information
security management.

Reduction of low added value activities
thanks to automation

Less use of external consultancy thanks to a solution providing
“knowledge out of the box”.

Real-time monitoring of the state
of the art of security activities in progress.

Maximum control over the evidence needed for
the management of audits

Improved preservation and use of the company's safety knowledge base
through centralized management.

What is USP?

Built entirely in an MS SharePoint environment, leveraging features such as Active Directory integration, the Unified Security Portal is made up of standalone, but fully integrable modules that cover all major aspects of information security management.
Each module is fully parametrized, to allow for the highest level of customization.

Time is precious,
We take care of your time.

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